I'm Paula Benedi

Certified Integrative Health Practitioner
Founder of Synergised & Synergised Nutrition
Host of The Health Formula Show

My morning routine, evening routine, and getting my 10k steps in. 

daily rituals:

Studying, in virtual consultations with my delightful clients, recording recipes and meditations for Synergised Nutrition (SN) or spending some quality time with my adorable little pup Lola.


Masking symptoms, guessing games (let's run at-home functional lab tests and understand how the body is really functioning).


We all deserve to live a full life. A healthy life! This is why we need to get to the underlying root causes of our symptoms.


It was my own experience of ill health that sparked my passion for integrative medicine. The problem was that there was no single naturopath or nutritional therapist that had the magic bullet.

It was an extensive and time-consuming process of learning from a combination of numerous sources that eventually led me to finding the answers I was looking for. After graduating from law school, I realised that my interest lay elsewhere and I became an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) Certified Health Coach.

I do not believe that one form of medicine provides all of the answers and this is why I combine various branches of medicine.

I went through the long and complex journey already; you shouldn’t have to go through it too. I am here to provide you with the tools and knowledge that will allow you to finally heal.

About Paula

"I want to live in a world where we prioritise healthcare over sick care. Where we understand our bodies and minds and what they need to function optimally. Where we focus on prevention rather than treatment. Where fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, skin concerns and unhealthy diet culture aren't normalised. I want to give everyone the tools that they need to live with energy, vitality and good health."

  • Orthomolecular
  • Functional
  • Ayurvedic
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Bioregulatory
  • Traditional Naturopath
  • Eastern-Based Philosophy

Seven Branches
of Medicine

There isn't a magic pill!

Paula combines the following:

Gabrielle Bernstein 


Grain-Free Seed Bread 


Grow a New Body by Dr. Alberto Villoldo


Vanilla Matcha Smoothie


The Last Dance


Currently Paula is...

When I was younger, nobody understood - or took the time to understand - what was causing my long list of ailments. Experts just found more and more ways to manage my symptoms with pills, products and potions. 

Let's Take The Next Step Together...

I spent years researching, studying and learning until I was able to fully overcome my health issues. Now, I help others do the same.