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Paula Benedi

"I want to live in a world where we prioritise healthcare over sick care. Where we understand our bodies and minds and what they need to function optimally. Where we focus on prevention rather than treatment. Where fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, skin concerns and unhealthy diet culture aren't normalised. I want to give everyone the tools that they need to live with energy, vitality and good health."

I'm Paula Benedi

I am passionate about healing the body from within – naturally and effectively. It was my own experience of ill health that sparked my passion for integrative medicine and, after graduating from law school, I realised that I needed to follow my gut (literally!). As a result, I became a certified Integrative Health Practitioner.

Steal My Perfect Breakfast Recipe

Discover the exact ingredients that the perfect breakfast contains to nourish your body and kickstart your day.

Whatever your goal, there is no better time to start improving your health than TODAY. The best part? There is a protocol designed for you, to help you overcome your symptoms, feel more energised and start living!  

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Everything begins with great nutrition. However, relying on diet alone for all the nutrients that our body requires will no longer suffice. The nutritional content in both, plant and animal foods, has decreased significantly due to soil degradation.

The Daily Essential Formula is a delicious and powerful nutritional blend in powdered form.

Daily Essential Formula

Join my Private Practice and become my wellness client. Together, we will work on a one-to-one basis, giving you the benefit of personalised advice for your health issues. 

This includes nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations based on your bio-individuality and unique needs. I will analyse functional lab test results and tailor your wellness protocol based on my findings.  

1:1 Consultations


A one-of-a-kind membership programme that combines the pillars of nutrition, mindset, and important education on how our body works to combat the crisis of inflammation in a truly holistic way - the only way if you want real, life-long wellness.

Synergised Nutrition

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Paula has given me guidance and support the whole way through, she was always there responding to my questions and messages with so much love, compassion, kindness and support.


Paula has given me life skills and educated me with new tools and information to be a healthier person and more importantly I am in control of what I eat and drink by making better decisions on how I live my life.

Detox after over-indulging.
Rebalance and reset your body.
The perfect post-holiday cleanse!  

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