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How to Heal Your Gut

Fix your gut health, and everything else becomes easier. We should all be looking at our gut health when we are trying to improve any other aspect of our overall health.

Nowadays, so many health issues are closely linked to poor gut health. Including: food sensitivities, migraines, skin issues, joint pain, fatigue, low mood. Let's banish 'unexplained' symptoms and find your root cause!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the abundance of contradictory information on the internet? Do you have no idea where to start with your own health journey? On this podcast, I will share tools and resources so that it is easier for you to start to live a healthier lifestyle.

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I'm Paula Benedi

I am passionate about healing the body from within – naturally and effectively. It was my own experience of ill health that sparked my passion for integrative medicine and, after graduating from law school, I realised that I needed to follow my gut (literally!). As a result, I became a certified Integrative Health Practitioner.

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