Dive into the remarkable benefits of the fat that boosts fat burning and enhances mental clarity, uncovering its potential to optimize both physical and cognitive performance in this enlightening discussion.

Episode 220: The Fat That Boosts Fat Burning & Increases Mental Clarity


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Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Founder of Synergised and Synergised Nutrition and Host of The Health Formula Show. I will help you understand your body and mind, and transform your health. 


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In this episode, I share why Ubud is truly my happiest place on earth! I also share insights on reframing our perspective on problems – not allowing them to consume us. Discover practical strategies for quieting the noise in your mind, fostering inner peace and clarity. I also explore the concept of embracing new phases of life and delve into the origin and benefits of MCT oil, unlocking its potential for enhancing cognitive function and overall health! Lastly, I offer valuable tips for cultivating a deeper and more compassionate relationship with ourselves. Tune in for a transformative journey toward greater inner harmony and fulfillment! 

Tune in to hear:

  • Connecting with yourself (2:13)
  • You are not your thoughts (6:20)
  • Growth is on the other side of comfort (8:17)
  • Paula’s day of eating in Bali (11:05)
  • A super fuel for body cells (13:38)
  • Incorporating this magic oil into your routine (17:37)
  • What self-love looks like (19:14)
  • Challenging negative thoughts (21:24)

Episode resources:

  • A day of eating in Bali (IG post)
  • MCT oil (Link)
  • Weight-loss diet that includes consumption of medium-chain triacylglycerol oil leads to a greater rate of weight and fat mass loss than does olive oil2 (Study)
  • Greater rise in fat oxidation with medium-chain triglyceride consumption relative to long-chain triglyceride is associated with lower initial body weight and greater loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue (Study)

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Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Founder of Synergised and Synergised Nutrition and Host of The Health Formula Show.

About Me

I'm Paula Benedi

I am passionate about healing the body from within – naturally and effectively. It was my own experience of ill health that sparked my passion for integrative medicine and, after graduating from law school, I realised that I needed to follow my gut (literally!). As a result, I became a certified Integrative Health Practitioner.

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